Food Diary: Along Filmore Street~

Here’s another back log post from last Sunday. I went shopping alone because everybody else was still sleeping. Here’s what happened in my not so unusual travel – LOL!

The famous Amber’s, I believe this is their very first branch in Filmore Street, near Cash and Carry Supermarket Mall. I’ve heard a lot of stories of ladies, getting their bag snatched, so you really have to be careful walking along this street.


The supermarket inside Cash and Carry


After shopping I decided to grab a quick bite from one of the food kiosks. Because I was still craving for Takoyaki, I tried out TonTon Tei’s Takoyaki. Camera used is my Samsung ACE.

TonTon Tei’s takoyaki had veggies inside just like Kuya Chito’s. This one is slightly different though, I like the powder they use and the sauce was just okay, it wasn’t as flavorful as I expected it to be.


Adjacent to this kiosk is Chi’, where they sell “Japanese” siomai’s and maki’s. I bought one pack of mixed sushi’s which costs P150.

It was not my first time to try out Chi. I like their Japanese siomai, and I also bought the same mixed sushi before. This time, my sister and I agreed that it was not good at all. The rice was so hard that it tasted like it’s been stored in the chiller for a long time.

It was a total waste of money! The one at SM Makati supermarket tasted way better.



I felt like drinking a bottle of beer last Sunday, so I bought one San Mig Light which I enjoyed very much. But drinking alone is never fun 😦


And some energy drinks, just because I wanted to try it out. The yellow and green were left overs from Saturday night. I bought the red one and I liked it a lot, but not to the extent that I would be drinking this regularly. Hehe


My next post will be about my Mochi cream experience~


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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