New favorite: Mochi Crème–Japanese Ice Cream

Mochi are the latest craze these days and I’ve been meaning to try Mochiko for the longest time. Luckily, while my BF and a dear friend of ours were walking along Megamall. We found a kiosk of Mochi crème, which is located in building A near the cinema.




Aside from wanting to try Mochi, it was extremely hot that day so it was a perfect way to cap off after a filling meal at Bar-B-King.

The colors were appealing to the eyes, if you know me well, of course I chose the pink mochi which was strawberry flavored. Stacy chose mango and Martin chose chocolate. I hope they enjoyed my simple treat.


I haven’t tried other mochi stores in the market, so I couldn’t really compare it with anything. But for my first time, it was pretty good and an interesting way to eat ice cream. Mochi crème has a thin layered mochi that is lightly dusted with cornstarch and has a creamy yet dense ice cream.

The mochi was a little sticky/chewy and did not taste like paper. There was one time that I tried a mochi topping from White Hat, and I did not like it at all. I was worried it would taste the same as White Hat’s, thankfully it didn’t.

Like any mochi, rule of thumb is to wait for a few minutes before eating it.


My strawberry flavored mochi for P60




Stacy’s Mango mochi also P60



Enjoying our mochi’s – thank you Stacy for taking our picture and other photos

Premium flavored mochi’s are priced at P65, regular ones are at P60. Do I think it’s pricey? Nah, as every bite is worth it! The packaging is just adorable too. Maybe next time I’ll try the green tea.

Anyone tried Mochi crème? What are your favorite flavors? Share okay Smile


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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