Food find at the MAFBEX event: Eng Bee Tin Custard hopia

This food find was discovered during the MAFBEX event a few months ago.

Having go about every single food booth at the event, I saw Eng Bee Tin with a new food product showcased at the MAFBEX event only. Instantly my eyes and sweet tooth drew me near.

The booth of Eng Bee Tin offers free samples of their products, but since there were some people who hoards all free samples they ran out of the custard classic sample or maybe they were keeping them, haha.

I bought a pack of the custard classic for around Php38.00+



How did it taste like?

This food find is such a rave because it is so good and custardy. This definitely passes my sweet tooth and satisfied my craving for something sweet. The pastry was flaky and compliments the custard very well. It’s almost like a leche flan in a hopia.

This hopia is best eaten chilled.

Now, if only there’s a branch in the Makati area I would definitely grab a pack or two of their custard classic hopia.



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