First time: Sophie’s Mom–Red Velvet Cupcake

I’m an avid fan of anything sweet, most especially cakes and cupcakes. And in my journey of trying to lose the extra bulge these two things are the hardest thing to resist. I make it to a point to at least have my sweet fix once a month, twice if I’m really stressed out but that’s how far I go not anymore than that.

Enough with my babbles and let me start sharing my sweet treat for today…

After work this afternoon in Megamall, I was on my way to have lunch at Bonchon and I surprisingly passed by a store called “Sophie’s Mom”. I’ve been wanting to try out their cupcakes for so long and I was delighted to know that they now have a small kiosk just above upper ground level.


Upon checking out their price list, I was surprised to see that their products are quite affordable without sacrificing quality of ingredients.




My thoughts about Sophie’s Red Velvet cupcake…

The cake mixture was moist but very crumbly. As I devoured one bite most of it were falling off making it messy to eat. Texture wise, I did not like it but taste wise it was okay. At the bottom of the cupcake you can find little chunks of dark chocolate which makes it interesting especially for those who are into bitter chocolate. As for the cream cheese topping, I like how it blended well with the cupcake. It was not too sweet and you can definitely say that they used real cream cheese.

I first tried one bite when it was still cold and I didn’t like it that much. I tried letting it sit for a while, making the topping melt a bit and it was perfect. I wouldn’t say I loved this one, but it was a delightful treat to have (an early weekend cheat day). I will definitely try out their red velvet cookies to see which of the two I would like better.





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