The Lady Explorer visits Kim n’ Chi again

When one wants to eat good food and can’t decided on what to eat, where does one go when you’re at Glorietta 4? Well, Food choices of course!

One of my favorite places to eat at is Kim n’ Chi. So last Friday after work which ended around during rush hour, I decided to have dinner at Food choices as I was really starving and tired. I also wanted to avoid the hellish traffic in Makati.

I didn’t have any craving that day, but among all the countless choices to choose from, I went for Kim n’ Chi again.

I ordered the Omu rice vienna sausage and it was a huge assed portion size of hot rice covered with a thin layer of scrambled egg, topped with vienna sausage and a drizzle of ketchup and mayonnaise.



Vienna Sausage Omu rice P85.00

There was nothing spectacular about this dish but if I were to assume why people go here, it’s because of their portion size albeit having a decent meal.

I ordered my favorite side dish which I believe were called egg rolls, with crab stick and nori. The skewered thing was again crabstick but this time with vienna sausage and spring onion.


Side dish P45.00

What keeps me going back to this place is their seafood / gyoza ramyeon and the egg roll side dish.

In fairness to Kim n Chi’ they serve their food pretty fast and most importantly hot!



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