Pat and Sam’s: Sapin Sapin

A few weeks ago, mom brought us yet another box of Pat & Sam’s famous Sapin Sapin – a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Philippine cuisine. While I’ve tried a couple versions already, Pat & Sam’s remains our favorite.

My sister Amanda is a die hard Sapin Sapin fan and she can finish a whole box in 3 days, with the help of her other sister too – ahem ahem Ha-ha!



I am not sure where you can buy Pat & Sam’s products, but based on the details seen on the side of the box the company is located in Cavite City, which is way far from where I reside. We’re lucky and happy that from time to time, mom brings home this wonderful sticky delight.

Sapin Sapin usually is round and varies in colors, but for Pat & Sam it comes in individual wrappers and has three colors, white, yellow and purple. The white (I assume is sticky rice with coconut milk), the yellow part is Langka (jack fruit) flavored and the purple is Ube (sweet purple yam).

The Langka flavor was not subtle but not overpowering, reason being why I seriously love Pat & Sam’s Sapin Sapin.


I also love how it is individually packed and for most people, this sweet delight is not complete without the toasted coconut. As much as I love coconut too, I prefer eating it without the topping.

How do I eat my sapin sapin? Well, I like eating it warm. They still taste pretty much the same, cold or warm I’m just after the texture as I like it a little bit gooey.


I wish I knew where I could find these around Metro Manila. I tried looking for a website but all I found was a outdated Facebook page.

If you’ve heard of this company, let me know by commenting below alright? I’d love to hear them



2 thoughts on “Pat and Sam’s: Sapin Sapin

  1. chirichieeconvos says:

    Hello! Pat & Sam’s sapin-sapin is also my favorite. Unfortunately, sa Cavite lang talaga siya nabibili. I’m from Cavite na kahit ako I find it hard din mabili yan ‘coz konti lang talaga stores nila. But I know in Bacoor City, in Talaba, they have a store there. It’s the nearest store for Metro costumers.

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