The 100 Pesos or Less Food Challenge


This post is somewhat a food review and a contest entry from Sybaritic Diversion’s 100 pesos or less food challenge.

It’s funny when you easily get tired from strolling in the mall, compared to when you’re shopping for whatnots. A friend told me that I suddenly walk fast whenever I’m at my most favorite place in the mall (beauty stores).

Anyhow I was just around SM Makati and below the ground floor is SM’s food court. Where one goes to find an affordable yet a filling meal to satisfy one’s empty stomach. I wasn’t craving for something in particular, so I opted to try something “new”.

I chose Sen Lek Thai stall, although it’s not my first time I was highly curious of their Thai fried rice. And so, this is where the 100 peso challenge comes in.


Among all the 6 choices, I ordered the Khaw Pad Thai. A Thai fried rice that consists of shrimps, tomatoes, fried egg and other spices. It also seems their “best seller” too as other customers next to me ordered the same thing.

For 100 pesos, I was surprised to see how big their serving was and it’s definitely not for one person to consume. If you’re in a budget, you can choose to drink from the water station instead of buying bottled water which costs around P25.00. In case you want to strictly keep the 100 peso budget.

Taste wise, it was just okay. Nothing special and felt like they could’ve added something, like probably more fish sauce and cilantro to give it a more “Thai-ish” flavor.

Overall, if you want Thai food but looking for a affordable place, Sen Lek is a good choice. Do try their Khaw Pad Thai and Pad Thai noodles.


If you are curious about the 100 peso challenge click the link here.



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