Quick Bites: KFC’s Mac and Cheese bites

Quickie post for today!

Ber months here in the Philippines these days feels like summer, yes I hate it! The heat is my kryptonite! So when I got out from the office, I decided to grab a cool drink in KFC and also had a chance to try KFC’s mac and cheese bites.


ala carte P49.00

That’s 49 pesos for 5 pieces of mac and cheese bites. It seems pretty pricey for just 5 pieces, but if you’re someone who has a background of food business, ingredients these days aren’t cheap.

I was hesitant at first since, KFC tends to come up with some misses than hits. Remember the burger cheese top? So with this, I had no expectations at all.

At first bite, it was okay. The ones I got weren’t freshly cooked but still warm enough that the cheese were still soft. The macaroni noodles were quite chewy actually and I liked it a lot. It wasn’t too soggy for my taste. Since I enjoy salty food, I find that the cheese tasted just right. It complimented the slightly bland macaroni noodles.


I was happy munching on these little nuggets of fried goodness. I wouldn’t say that this is truly “innovative” work since I’ve watched something similar in TLC (Travel and Living Channel). But I’d say, good job for offering new food items for people to enjoy from time to time.

KFC branch

KFC Pasong Tamo corner Vito Cruz



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