Quick bites: Adobo Connection

My sister and I went to Cash and Carry after attending worship at Bread of Life last Sunday. Cash and Carry has definitely transformed itself to a better shopping experience for customers. After buying a copy of War Horse at Astrovision, we decided to grab a quick bite at the food court area.

I’ve been meaning to try a new place called “Adobo Connection”, and I was surprised to see a branch in Cash and Carry food court. I asked my sister Amanda, if we could try this place as I’ve been really curious about their flan turon.  My sister wanted the buko pandan salad but it was currently not available, she then opted for the adobo pasta.




I had high hopes for both our orders since I’ve been reading good reviews about it. Upon getting our orders, here’s our thoughts about our quick bites at AC.

First up, the turon flan

Priced at P29.00 for two pieces, well it was just okay. A bit disappointing as both me and my sister agreed on. The flan was thin, super thin that we could barely taste any flan inside. If anything, I liked that it was topped with powdered sugar that made it a little bit enjoyable to munch on.

I sense that the flan turon can still be improved over time (hopefully) as this is a good concept. Flan and Turon, it doesn’t get any better than this right?


Next up, the adobo pasta

I’m really sorry but I can’t say anything nice about this dish. The texture of the sauce was so bad (for both our taste). It’s like they put too much cornstarch to make the sauce thicker, and it was slightly bland too. However, the adobo flakes itself was satisfying. It reminded us of Bread Talk’s floss buns.

But for the price, I guess it’s not bad. Portion size is quite generous if I may say.


Adobo Pasta P49.00

Ending? not so happy campers 😦


Despite our disappointment, I am not claiming that Adobo Connection is bad. Besides, their prices aren’t really that bad and we still have a lot to try out in their menu.

What’s appealing to this place is that everything about this place is what we Pinoy’s most love…. Home cooking and unlimited rice, don’t you think? Ha-ha!

We capped of our meal by sharing a glass of Halo-Halo at the PVL stand.


To sum up my post, it’s like a homage to Philippine delicacies with a twist.



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