Quick bites: Masatami Shaved Ice

First it was the Yogurt craze, then there was Mochi ice cream, and THEN there’s the Masatami Shaved Ice. This isn’t entirely new as it has been around for quite a while already. It was only a few weeks ago that a branch opened near my place, which makes it now accessible in case I need a shaved ice fix.

Thank you Masatami for choosing Glorietta 4.





There are quite a lot of Masatami food reviews out there already, so I went get into the gritty details about this yummy treat.

My thoughts

I ordered a small Rainbow shaved ice with snow cap (which is their best seller). The small cup costs P35.00 and from what I know you have to add P10.00 for an extra snow cap. When I asked for my bill the guy charged me P65.00, I didn’t argue anymore, got my order and went down to food choices.

If anything he was very nice at least and let me take pictures of their booth, which is located at the 4th floor facing Timezone and Starbucks.


And now, here’s my P65.00 worth of Masatami Shaved Ice (I wonder what he gave me and charged me that much, ugh!)



The ice was purely melt in the mouth and among the other rainbow flavors, strawberry is my favorite. While I dipped my spoon, I felt something in the middle and then I realized that he added vanilla ice cream. No picture sorry.

The vanilla ice cream made it over kill as I prefer my shaved ice as is and with just the snow cap topping. However, the ice cream was something else. It tasted like vanilla and it was a bit buttery. Not your usual ice cream texture that I’m accustomed to.

Overall, I definitely love Masatami Shaved Ice, next time I will try just the strawberry flavor. Although it will take quite a while before I head back there again as I feel “umay” because of the ice cream.

Masatami definitely is worth going back for seconds.

And while waiting for a cab, took some photos because the line was pretty long.

Here’s a view of Glorietta 5, next time I will try to take a panoramic photo of Makati. This photo was taken with just a camera phone


Traffic is bad every where because of the long weekend (holiday). This is going to be one long week ahead.



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