Travel and Food: Pagsanjan Laguna – An Unexpected Day Trip


What was supposed to be a normal day at home during All Soul’s Day turned out to be a complete unexpected day trip with my family and cousins. Our Aunt called and told my mom that a driver is on our way to pick us up going to Los Banos and Pagsanjan, Laguna with our cousins. YEY!

My siblings and I rushed to the shower all excited as it has been a long time since we spent time with relatives.

Traffic was pretty light going to Los Banos and we arrived around lunch time. Our first destination was my Uncle’s office (PHILAB) to have lunch with relatives. I guess the cats smelled that we brought some food with us and kept begging while we were eating. I definitely love cats and one of my goals is to at least take pictures of cats in different places I travel to.


After lunch we took family photos and then drove to Pagsanjan, Laguna to visit our Cha Naty (my mom’s sister, aged 97 years old). It wasn’t much of a long drive but the weather that day was really hot, my mom treated us to the well-known “Halo-Halo” place called Aling Taleng’s.

Our cousin Lyndel, told us that the Halo-Halo in the old days were far better compared now. Well, I have vague memories during my childhood and it was only my second time to have tried Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo. It may have tasted commercialized now, but I sure enjoyed this cold treat on a hot weather.



The Halo-Halo consisted of a couple of ingredients like, macapuno (sweet coconut), red beans, ube (purple yam), kamote and a few more ingredients that I can’t remember, topped with Kondol ( a sweet melon gourd). Originally, they topped it with leche flan but it was different that day. Regardless, it was my first time to try Kondol and it was delicious.



We were there only for the Halo-Halo, but I think they also have different food items in their menu. I was only able to take a picture of the Banana Chips they were selling.


Pagsanjan, Laguna is a place where my cousins grew up. revisiting it again sure did leave all of us nostalgic as we have our own fondest memories of this place. Our Cha Naty’s house is not too far from Aling Taleng’s and the old house of our cousin is now empty and grass has surrounded the place. The only thing standing was the cement stairs and there’s a story behind it.

And so our adventure begins, the Navasero treasure hunt for a gold ring.

Our Tito Ador, said when he was a child along with her sister (our mom), their Lolo told them stories about a hidden ring beneath the 3rd step of the stairs. We then decided to dig up for it and hoped to see if it were true.


Here we go…


After countless times of digging, we didn’t find any gold ring. “Maybe we were looking at the wrong step”, our Uncle Ador say’s.

It seems we have opened a portal to a unknown place and my cousin’s being gamers, they shouted, “It’s a portal!” –Diablo




Just 1/3 of the Navasero clan with the legendary shovel! Or maybe not even 1/3 actually. Ha-ha!

After digging and me taking photos, my mom wanted to visit the church of Pagsanjan. Before that, my sister saw a mini Kubo selling Puto Bumbong  and my sister and I didn’t pass this up. IMG_3147

Sadly, their version is not really good at all as it tasted raw and tasteless except for the toasted coconut and sugar.


I’m not a great photographer, nor should I call myself one. If anything, I like taking photos and as a photo hobbyist, I like taking photos of churches in the Philippines. I already started it when I traveled to Catanduanes, so hopefully I get to travel more and take pictures of different churches in my country.



This chapel can be found on the right side of the church. Very serene and quiet.“


After church it was time to go home, but since we haven’t had dinner and travel time was quite far, mom asked the driver to stop over at “Itlog ni Kuya” (a store where they sell duck eggs). Traffic was horrible on the way there, I think we arrived at the place around past 6PM.






Balot, a Philippine delicacy which is considered an exotic food here in the Philippines.I’m one of those who are not into eating Balot as I hate seeing a little whole chick in my food, eyes, shape and all.

This one is a baby duck not a chick and as what my Tita said, it doesn’t taste as good as compared to a chick. Well, let’s leave it at that.





The Balot may be something unmemorable for me, but the experience of eating it and spending time with my family and relatives truly made it unforgettable. A memory worth keeping.

Below is a picture of what we call a Kamias, some kind of bitter fruit that we use in cooking or just eating it with salt.


And that ends my adventure for All Soul’s day. I hope I get to travel as much as I can here in the Philippines.

Highlight of my trip was…

Treasure hunting for the gold ring

Turn off was…

Seeing a baby duck and TRAFFIC!



6 thoughts on “Travel and Food: Pagsanjan Laguna – An Unexpected Day Trip

  1. Ana Benignos says:

    Reading your post makes me want to pack my things and go home. I was born here and Aling Taleng’s halo-halo is really mouth watering. I’m from the Aquino clan and glad to know your from the same hometown.

  2. chris lubuguin says:

    I remember those halo-halo… may be we got extra special halo-halo since my aunt is a close friend of Aling Tale. I think the halo-halo taste commercialized now because she does not make them herelf anymore. I was also born in Pagsanjan, not far from Aling Tale’s place. Fond memories.

  3. romel estrada says:

    hi i am romel estrada marketing officer of chicken deli canlubang laguna
    if its ok to you to visit our grand opening on march 18 2016 for food tasting
    just contact me #09282856563 thanks

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