Quick bites: Pan de Manila round 2


No matter how hard I deny it, I will always be a foodie and I’ve accepted it. Still, I’ve yet to achieve my ultimate goal of being more fit but that’s for a another story.

While reading through food blogs, I browsed through 240 baons+365 meals and got curious about her post on Pan de Manila’s Chocomon. Lately, I’ve been around Paseo de Roxas frequently to drop some things for our Art Director, and around the area is a small store of Pan de Manila. They have a very small store and as always smells of freshly baked Pandesal. I was instantly reminded of her chocomon post that, I decided to give Chocomon a try to see if I will like it.  I bought one piece and a cheese pandesal as well. Both items cost me P45.00

I believe the cheese pandesal and cheese pandesal with pesto is one of their best sellers.


Chocomon is not your regular mamon like the one we have at Goldilocks. Pan de Manila’s version was completely different. It was not fluffy but as you bite into it, very soft and chewy. I wouldn’t say that it is moist as described in the label, as it was dry-ish in a good way (but that’s me). For a non chocolate fan, I truly enjoyed this treat. What makes this chocomon enjoyable, was the Milo bits. The middle part has a milo fudge which I really like a lot. Although word of caution, it tends to be a tad too chewy that I had to spit it out.




Overall, the chocomon was worth trying and I recommend it a lot. I’m sure kids will enjoy this the most.

Check out this cheese pandesal too!



Cheesy, soft, chewy goodness.

So far Pan de Manila is still the best for pandesal!



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