The Fruit Garden Luxury Jams

Ever since my mom went to Benguet a few months ago and brought home jars of Strawberry and Blueberry preserves I instantly became a fan. I never liked jams or preserves in the first place but after trying mom’s experiment of hot toast, blanketed with strawberry preserve and topped with cheese made me a convert.

I believe there is a difference between jams, marmalades and preserves which I learned while watching Armando’s Asian Twist last week. I think it depends on how you cook them?

Also last week, we received a delicious but oh so cute gift from one of mom’s friends.


A box of The Fruit Garden, Luxury Jam in small bottles



The first jam I tried was the Strawberry banana. Texture wise, it’s not your usual thick jam as Fruit Garden’s was quite runny and opaque in color. Although it did say Strawberry Banana, it tasted more of strawberry with very little hint of banana. I didn’t mind really as I love strawberry jams.

Just so you know even for a foodie, I’m not really adventurous when it comes to ‘exotic’ or weird sounding ‘food’. Take for example Happy Lemon’s tea with rock salt and cheese, until now even if people say it’s really good, I still have not tried it yet and I’m not so sure if I’ll try it either. Which is why trying out the other flavors like Mango Chocolate or Mango Ginger sound real weird to me. Ha-Ha!

Anyway, The Fruit Garden box we received is not your typical one flavored jam. The next flavor I tried was the Mango Chocolate, personally it sounds weird but when I tasted it I could barely taste chocolate, but it’s somewhere there at the back of your tongue. Very subtle and not over powering which is good. Although, I haven’t tried the others yet, I’m hoping that I could taste at least one flavor that has complex flavors, where you can distinguish that there are really 2 flavors in it.

Overall, Fruit Garden is not like any ordinary jam you would find in shelves (although I do love them too) FG’s boasts of 100% natural high quality food products and I would have to agree as it really does taste natural and not overly sweet. Perfect for those who are conscious of what they eat and the best part is, the luxury box is perfect for gift giving too. Aren’t the little jars the cutest thing?

Do check out Fruit Garden in their Facebook page



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