Kimono Ken: ‘Japanese food for less’

After having our photos taken at the Hello Kitty event at SM North Edsa last Saturday, I decided to have dinner there instead of travelling all the way to Glorietta which was my original plan. Well, hunger got the best of me since I wasn’t able to have lunch so that I could have my hair done (which was a total fail).

Anyway, as soon as I saw Kimono Ken at the second floor I did not think twice anymore as I was craving for sashimi and the place was not crowded.  It’s not my first time to try the restaurant though, the first time I tried Kimono Ken was at their SM Mall of Asia branch.



Sashimi Moriawase P300.00

I loved everything in this plate except for the sea urchin and squid. The sea urchin looks like brains to me (sorry but I have a very imaginative mind). That night, I was pretending to be Andrew Zimmern (feeling adventurous) I tried to take one bite of the sea urchin. It tasted okay, but it’s something I don’t think I would ever enjoy eating again. Perhaps it’s because of the texture too.

I also did not enjoy the raw squid (not my thing), but everything else on the plate was relished. I’m a huge salmon and tuna sashimi fan and I could have it every day if I could.

Next dish was a rice topping meal called Ebi Katusdon


Ebi Katsudon P215.00

The shrimp pieces were a tad thin but overall I still enjoyed my bowl of rice toppings. The sauce that they used to blanket the rice was not too strong.

Kimono Ken’s mantra or tag line is ‘Japanese for less’ their prices are really affordable, almost comparable to Terriyaki Boy. There isn’t much to say about Kimono Ken but for visiting them twice, I had nothing to complain about. Except for the Beef Teriyaki we had the first time which was a disappointment.

For sure I’ll still visit Kimono Ken and try their other food items in their menu. Their ambiance is quite chic too and again their service crew are fast and friendly.



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