Joey Pepperoni

Last Sunday, my siblings along with my nephew and I attended our church’s 30th anniversary. It ended just in time for dinner and all four of us were really hungry already. Dinner time at Mall of Asia may it be weekdays or on weekends is always the busiest, and looking for a restaurant that you want to dine at can be quite frustrating especially if you’re starving.

We had two choices that time, to dine either at Bonchon or Shakey’s. Well, we ended up eating at Joey Pepperoni which was not a bad choice really. Joey offers decent food at an affordable price.


Here’s what we ordered that night.

My sister ordered the Shrimp salad, this one costs around P165.00

I was able to try this and this wasn’t so bad. Nothing to rave about but I would definitely order this for myself next time. Quite refreshing. Would’ve been nice though if they added some cherry tomatoes..


My brother ordered lasagna. He’s a growing boy so I didn’t bother asking to taste his food. My sister did though and she liked it.


Lasagna P200.00

My nephew ordered the Carbonara and I wasn’t able to try this one too. If anything comparing the price with Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut seems to have bigger servings compared to Joey’s.


I ordered Sausage Panini just to try it out and below are my thoughts about my order.

  • Texture – the Panini was a bit soggy like it wasn’t heated enough to give out that crisp bite. I’ve had a couple Panini’s from different restaurants and so far Room Upstairs at LRI Design Plaza still has the best Panini for me.
  • Taste wise – it was rather bland that it seemed it needed something to give it some kick.
  • Portion wise – it was quite huge and 1 Panini was enough to make you full.
  • Cost – P175.00


Last food item we ordered was their Quattro formaggi.The pizza was pretty good and we managed to finish 1 whole order. Yum!




Overall, we had fun and ended up with full tummies. I guess what makes Joey’s appealing is that they offer affordable prices and promises to leave you with a full tummy.

If there’s one food that I can recommend from Joey’s it’s their Lotto Apetito.



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