A Not So Unusual Food Trip Last Weekend: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut never fails to fill up two hungry tummies craving for Pasta and Pizza. Before heading off to Ayala Triangle’s Symphony of the Light’s Show, my date and I needed to fuel ourselves up as we were so tired from checking out the stores at Glorietta a few weeks ago.

We first went to Pizza Hut’s Park square branch but it was closed because it was reserved for a birthday party. Our second option was to check out Pizza Hut Bistro, Glorietta 4, which was just around the corner and goodness there was another party being held at the same day. It was a pretty crazy weekend as always but the Bistro branch managed to open their restaurant for customers. Waiting line was not that long when we arrived which was good.

For our drinks, I ordered a cherry soda (not the actual name) and he ordered a bottomless house blend ice tea.

Nothing special about the drinks and next time we’re sticking to ice tea or water.


We’ve been meaning to try their mozzarella sticks for the longest time. Every time when we get a chance to dine at Pizza Hut (in whatever branch) their mozzarella sticks are out of stock, so good thing this was available that time.

Now that we were able to try their version we now know how it tastes and will never order it again. It’s not like it’s totally bad, but we’ve had better. Good thing there was a small bowl of salsa to make it taste a little bit better.


For the pizza, we both ordered the gourmet BBQ ribs pizza. I don’t really need to get into the gritty details as Pizza Hut is already well loved and well known (at least for me).


For our main course, I ordered Carbonara which I enjoyed a lot. For it’s price their portion size is quite big and good for sharing (as compared to Joey’s). My date ordered his HG pasta (Bolognese) as this is the only kind of pasta he’d eat.

I want to learn how to make this kind of Carbonara as I’m accustomed to making a creamier and non traditional Carbonara at home. The one where you use cream and a can of cream of mushroom. My date and I weren’t able to finish our food so we brought home our leftovers. We actually munched on the leftover pizza while watching the light show.


And that wraps up my food adventure last weekend. Comfort food is always the best. For my next food adventure, I promise to feature a ‘new-er’ restaurant that I haven’t tried. I’m quite excited actually as I’m curious what’s the buzz is all about.


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