Gerry’s Grill

November ended pretty well as we are presently on a long holiday and I’m loving it. I intended to stay at home for the whole weekend but the heat was just terrible. Also because I had nothing to do yesterday. My date and I decided to meet up and have dinner instead.

We originally had planned to try out the new Japanese restaurant somewhere along Jupiter Street in Makati but we both wanted to spend more time after dinner by strolling around the mall. And so, once again, my plan will have to be delayed for now but I didn’t mind really as I enjoyed my night. He suggested that we go to Glorietta so that we can also check out a few things that he plans to buy, and since he’s been raving about Gerry’s Grill he suggested we have dinner there.  We arrived past 6pm and was worried if there would be a lot of people since it was a Friday. Luckily, there wasn’t a waiting line but the restaurant was full of customers.

For our appetizers which both came late, we ordered Chili cheese sticks and Oriental Tuna Sashimi.

Ever since chili cheese sticks came around, you can find almost this food item at all restaurants specifically bars. I was able to try Strumm’s and recently Gerry’s Grill and for both, I would say I make a better version. It wasn’t bad, but it was just simple but still a delight if you love chili cheese sticks like I do.


Chili Cheese Sticks P165.00

The Oriental tuna sashimi was just okay too. My date wasn’t crazy about it but I managed to finish this order because I love tuna sashimi. Quite ‘generously’ portioned of tuna slices bathed in light soy and sesame oil and topped with chives and red chili on a bed of crispy lettuce.


Oriental Tuna Sashimi P225.00

For our ‘main dish’ we tried one of Gerry’s best seller, Pork Sisig and a cup of rice for each of us.



l-r: garlic rice P38.00, plain rice P33.00



I’ve tried quite a lot of Sisig from different places and so far Gerry’s has the best when it comes to texture. Their version was quite dry and super crunchy which I enjoyed a lot. It also didn’t taste too fatty unlike the others I’ve tried. What made it taste better was their Inihaw sauce which is provided for each table. I wasn’t able to take a picture of that yummy bottle but it was delish.

Our total bill was around P650.00 VAT included (no service charge).

It would be too soon to finalize my verdict about Gerry’s Grill, but for the Pork Sisig it was a winner for me and my date. Ambiance wise it was quite comfy and they have free Wi-Fi too! There wasn’t really much to say about their service, as all attendee’s tried their best to wait on other customers.


We will definitely go back to Gerry’s for sure and try out other food items in their menu.


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