Lunch out: Teriyaki Boy (again)

Just sharing another Teriyaki Boy food trip last Monday. Well, I wouldn’t really consider it food trip as I was just looking for a place to eat right after I went to Powerbooks. For some reason, I (again) ended up eating at Teriyaki Boy at Glorietta 3 (in front of Landmark).


I had my usual fix of Tuna Tartare and for my main course I ordered their Yakisoba. Upon ordering they gave me ‘free tea’ on my third visit. They probably noticed that I’ve been frequenting their branch for the past  month.




This is the third time I ordered Tuna Tartare, and even in my future visits, I will always order this from TB. However, there were a few things I noticed on my third visit. Aside from the crunchy tempura bits being more crunchy (as how it should be), it is now more spicy compared before. It seems as if they added chili as the texture was a bit denser from the usual ‘thick’ Japanese mayo dressing. I didn’t really mind that part as I love anything spicy. During my second visit, the tempura bits were a bit ‘makunat’ (stale). It didn’t really matter that much as I still enjoyed it even if it was a bit of a challenge to chew on.

For my main course, I ordered yakisoba just because I was craving for noodles. It cost around P165. The portion size seems small. One order is good for one person only.

Taste wise, I enjoyed it even if the noodles tasted like regular noodles. I ate everything except the pork chunks as it was a bit hard and dry to chew on.



Stir-fired thin buckwheat noodles, with pork slices and mixed vegetables. Topped with bonito flakes.

My total bill cost me around P300+ (not more than P350.00) VAT included (no service charge). My dining experience has been the same, all waiters were nice and always make sure to bid you goodbye. It would be awesome if they had free Wi-Fi though. Well, you can say that I’m a fan of TB and I think next time, I should get that Orange card soon.

Any favorites from TB anyone? Share away okay 🙂


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