The Lady Explorer tries a new Japanese Resto: J.Boy

There would be times when I get tired of eating home cooked meals and luckily where I reside, I’m surrounded with a couple of fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Shakey’s, KFC, Chowking, Dunkin Donuts, and Heaven’s Barbeque. Out of the 6, I usually go to Dunkin Donuts because of their BLT sandwich which costs only for P50.00 and it tastes pretty good too. But recently, I’m frequenting this newly opened restaurant called, J.Boy!

Thank goodness for something new to choose from. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken photos of the place yet using my DSLR so please excuse the photos for now. Anyway, J.Boy offers affordable Japanese food and having been here for three times already, I can say that you definitely get your money’s worth as the food is pretty good. Not the wow kind, but good and satisfying.


Upon entering all the staff will greet you  in Japanese and they are super friendly. I hope they stay that way for as long as J.Boy is around.

Interiors are quite nice too and looks clean. Nothing fancy and the place reminds me of Yummy Roast’s ambiance too.



What I love about J.Boy is that, the restaurant is owned by a Japanese family. Their main chef is Japanese and takes his time (that is if there aren’t much customers at that time) to check out the people dining. He even greeted me goodbye as I left.

For my first time, I ordered the Chicken Tenpura which costs for P99.00 (no drinks included).


Chicken Tenpura – 3 pieces of chicken breast, 1 fried kangkong, 1 fried eggplant and 1 fried potato

On my third visit I tried their Shrimp Tenpura which costs the same as the Chicken. However, the shrimps were a bit thin but hey considering the price what’s to complain about right?


On my third visit (which was supposed to be my fourth, but when I arrived around past 6pm there were a lot of people dining), I tried their Chirashi and a side order of Chicken Tenpura.


Chirashi meal P99.00


Chicken Tenpura (side order) P80.00

I enjoyed the Chirashi, however I think they should have added more sushi or shrimps perhaps? Regardless, I left with a very full tummy. What I love about J.Boy compared to other fast food Japanese restaurants is that they use authentic Japanese rice. It would be the same rice that is normally used for sushi’s. Short grain sticky rice with a hint of Japanese vinegar. Their rice is really good, that I can vouch for. I just hope they keep it that way and not just because their newly opened.


This is how the Chirashi meal looks like. Shredded eggs with mushrooms, shrimp, shreds of kani and some kind of orange thing that tastes a little bit salty.

For the Chicken tenpura, they use chicken breast and what I love about it (since I’m not a chicken breast fan) is that, it’s super juicy and soft. Their Tenpura sauce is enjoyable too. I’m glad J.Boy opened and I’m looking forward to going back soon.

J.Boy can be found behind Chowking, along Pasong Tamo Makati.



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