Sweet finds at The Podium and SLICE

I was at The Podium earlier and saw interesting food places for the sweet toothed junkie like me. There were quite a few sweet stores around the mall and I couldn’t help but check out what they offer.

A few days ago, my sister was craving really bad for Mochi and I instantly remembered her when I saw a stall of Mochi Crème at the 2nd or 3rd floor of Podium just beside Toy Kingdom.


Just below the Mochi Crème floor was a new place called Cupcake Lab. Well, I’m not really sure if it’s new but it’s the first time that I heard and seen the place.

I scrutinized their red velvet and was surprised to see an unusual red velvet, just because we are used to the bright red colored cupcake batter. Cupcake Lab has a deep red to black and they offer a mini red velvet for P30.00 or P40.00 a piece. I wasn’t able to take a picture though as my phone’s battery got drained right after SLICE.


Both the Mochi Crème and Cupcake Lab I resisted to buying until I saw….. SLICE!


I’ve been meaning to try Slice at the Fort Bonifacio but I couldn’t find it for the second time I was at The Fort. So when I saw a stall of Slice near the exit/entrance of The Podium it was sort of perfect timing. I’ve been reading reviews and also saw a feature on TV about Slice’s Choco Yema, although Red Velvet is my favorite I went with their best seller instead.


Choco Yema Php 75.00




Wonderful Yema rosettes



My thoughts about the Choco Yema cupcake?

The chocolate cupcake was quite fluffy to airy because as you slice into it, the cupcake easily breaks into crumbs. There wasn’t anything special about the mixture though. It wasn’t too sweet which is good because the yema topping was uber sweet and compliments the chocolate very well. If you’re not into sinfully sweet desserts this may not be your thing, but if you’re like me this is indeed a wonderful treat.

I find it a bit pricey though for 75.00, but then again not such a big deal really.



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