Mochiko: Durian

Mochi’s are my preferred Ice cream these days. While my sister and I checked out Mochiko which is located at Food Choices 3rd floor of Glorietta , our eyes lit when we saw a Durian flavored mochi. YUM!




And without further ado…


                       Durian mochi, Php70.00

It’s actually my first time to try out Mochiko. What I love about  Mochiko is that their flavors are ‘unique’ (take for example Durian mochi). I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of reviews about Mochiko already, which is why I won’t get into details anymore.

For a Durian fanatic, we all loved our mochi’s and mom even ordered two. Most people are off with the smell of Durian, but surprisingly the scent wasn’t that strong. Taste wise, the durian didn’t have that ‘strong’ taste which I would have  preferred. Still, it was there and you can definitely say that it IS durian mochi. Unlike Mochi Crème, Mochiko’s ice cream seems to be more creamier which I love. Next time, I will try out the caramel flavor.

Two thumbs up for their Durian mochi! And three thumbs for their cutesy lucky cat. I want one in my room too!




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