Quick Bites: Famous Belgian Waffles

This week’s food ‘adventure’ led me to a new kiosk called Famous Belgian Waffles which is Located just around Glorietta Food Choices. My date and I were looking for a place to eat at, and when we saw this we both wanted to try it.

The photo looked really appetizing and prices are quite affordable too. We ordered the chocolate waffle which costs for P35.00




Waffles are supposed to be fluffy and crunchy, however for Famous Belgian Waffles, it was disappointing as it was not how I was expecting it to be.



The waffles were thin and tasted burnt. The chocolate spread wasn’t appetizing either. If you look closely, it seems that the waffles were a bit uncooked in some parts. My date and I both agreed that our chocolate waffle was just okay considering the price of just P35.00, there wasn’t much to complain about.

Our first try may have been a disappointment, but I still have yet to try their other flavors like their blueberry and hazelnut with banana. Hopefully they improve their way of cooking of the waffles.



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