New Year’s Eve Feast

As promised here’s what my family and I feasted on during New Year’s Eve. Most food was bought from Kirin Restaurant at Fort Bonifacio.


Here’s a breakdown:

First up are the food that were all home cooked by me and our helpers, Ate Bebot and Ate Girl.


I made Dynamite sticks and Cheese sticks to munch on as appetizers and our pulutan during our drinking session. The Dynamite sticks consists of green chili, cheese and ham.


The pasta was cooked by our helpers. After cooking for Christmas Eve, I left the task of cooking pasta to our helpers instead. Well between my macaroni  pasta and this one, this was much more of a hit for me.

Purefoods Ham P848.00 for 1kg

This was way better than the cheap ham we had during Christmas. It tasted really ham-my meaty goodness. We did not bother doing anything with it as we all like eating it as it dipped with the sauce that came with it.


Kirin dishes: Total cost was P3, 026.00

Salt and Pepper Spareribs – we bought the food ahead of time and didn’t bother reheating them. Obviously, I’m sure the spareribs is best eaten hot. If anything, the meat was really soft which I like a lot.


Pork Siomai

The pork siomai costs at P98.00 for only 4 pieces. It is a bit pricey but it was really good. Packed with pork, mushroom and shrimp.


We had 3 types of fish dishes, sweet and sour, steamed fish fillet and I forgot what the other one was called. I tried a piece of the sweet and sour and steamed fish fillet. Both were good and I think they used cream dory.



Birthday Noodles – As I saw the price, I said ‘that’s so pricey and it better be good!’ Well, good enough, it was yummy. We had some of the toppings removed (seafood) since my oldest sister is allergic to seafood. It comes with a tub of sauce which was poured later on.


Well, that’s about it for the food. We also had fruit salad again for dessert.

Happy New Year folks! And I hope 2013 will be full of blessings and new things for all of us.



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