Grocery: Of things bought and trying out new discoveries

The long holiday break is officially over and now we (well for most) are back to reality of trying to loose those added pounds we gained over Christmas and New Year’s feast.

For today, I went to Mercury Drug to buy a couple of things and re-stocked on my Carb Trim apple. This stuff works! It’s sorcery I tell you! Buying it in Mercury Drug is also cheaper than in Shopwise, which is P10 more than in Mercury which costs only at P144.75.

I enjoy looking at things that people have bought, whether small or big. In case you are curious on what I bought, see photo below.

Kleenex – because I have the sniffles, CarbTrim – in my preferred flavor, Latte Coffee – just because I don’t like the coffee we have at home and also because I need to wake up really early tomorrow and Nongshim – Ramyun noodles just to try it out if it’s good.


I also bought the following at 7-11 because I’ve been curious how these tastes like. I found out about the UCC coffee through my plurk pal Kate and the sesame dressing through my plurk pal Gits


I will first try out the UCC coffee. As for the Japanese dressing, I don’t know yet what to do with it but according to Gits, this is good.

And since this post is about discoveries, do watch out for my next post on what I found and loved at the friendly 7-11 convenience store 😉


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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