Quick bites: 7-11 Garden Fresh Salad

Big…. thick… and juicyyyy Big n’ Tasty was so tempting as I passed by McDonald’s earlier and what better timing that my tummy was grumbling too. However, since I am all about resolutions and being more disciplined this day on, I said to myself “maybe, after I buy my stuff from Mercury then I will decide if I will indulge myself on a big n’ tasty or not”.


Looking at my change, there was still enough to afford a ‘steeping’ P145 for a small Big n’ Tasty meal. But then again, if I used to have that discipline before why can I not be one now right? So I chose the ‘lesser’ evil when I went to 7-11. I was curious to try out their garden salad, particularly the greens with potato salad. The latter was greens with macaroni salad which has jellies like the one at Wendy’s.


Sixty nine pesos seemed a bit ‘steep’ as the portion size was a bit small and I was worried if this will turn out bad. Upon opening my salad box here’s what you can expect.

Lettuce with thousand Island dressing and potato salad topped with bacon. Of course, the lettuce weren’t that crispy (obviously you can see some parts had turned brown too).


Was it good? Well……


Burp! The empty plate is evidence enough right?

The lettuce may not be that fresh but it was still pretty good. The thousand island dressing wasn’t too thick which I enjoyed. The potato salad was something else, it was really good! No wow factor but it was GOOD! The dressing was quite creamy and you can do tell that it was bacon bits that was topped in the salad.

I’d like to say that a couple of fresh tomatoes would make this meal perfect, but then again tomatoes can tend to ‘rot’ more faster. My money was well spent and between the burger and this salad, this was (‘somehow’) had less calories to consume. Way cheaper but most importantly delicious. I’m happy with that.

Till my next visit 🙂


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