A Bucket List and City ‘touring’

I admire those people who has that eye for photography, more so with those who uses a basic point and shoot camera and ends up with a creative photo. Well, unfortunately for me I suck big time (ha-ha). I’ve ranted about this for so many times already so I guess I should stop this pointless whining :p

It’s a brand new week again and compared to last week’s weather, (of rainy afternoons and heavy downpour of rain till midnight) the sun is shining high and bright most especially yesterday. Which was probably the reason why I got sick come afternoon. One of my bucket list is to be able to take photos of different churches here in the Philippines (in town and out of town).  I was looking forward for yesterday, as I will be spending the whole day with a friend (well almost a whole day that is). After having breakfast, we made sure to attend Sunday mass first. Somewhere near Better living Paranaque. We were able to do a few shots of the place but since it was extremely hot and because he had to check his car, we had to cut it short and leave the place.

Here are photos of the church, Mary Help of Christians. As we were entering, I instantly remembered this place. I remembered attending a wedding when I was a kid, which was held at the very same church. Coincidence! So technically, it’s not really my first time here.




I also have food photos and two food reviews coming up. But that will be for my next post. After attending mass we went straight to SM Bicutan to watch our most awaited movie, Life of Pi! Good thing we bought tickets early as SM had to take out Life of Pi that day. Would you believe that the last full show of the film was at 2:40PM? The film didn’t catch up with the ‘market’ at SMB. After all, it’s not much of a ‘high class’ place but it’s pretty decent and tickets are cheaper.

While waiting for the movie we bought Dunkin Donut Munchkin’s which lasted us the whole day to snack on. Aside from munchkin’s, I also love the following; Croissant sandwiches and bunwich sandwiches. Random photos below.



I was feeling really sick come after lunch and felt worse after the movie. I had to call it a day as I didn’t want to push myself as I just got from a fever last week. On our way home, I took photos while Martin was driving.

Here are (yet again) random photos.


Dela Rosa Square, along Paseo Makati. If you live in Makati I’m pretty sure you know where these places are. He-he!


Blurry photo of SM Hypermarket near Cash and Carry. This building used to be MAKRO (another supermarket which requires membership access just like S&R). I’m not sure if MAKRO still exists though.


Now every time I see Mercury’s trademark symbol, it reminds me of TRESE (a graphic novel about Philippines folk lore). You have to read it to get what I mean by this symbol. After all, all TRESE novels are readily available in National Bookstores nationwide.


The busy and wire-y street of Pasong Tamo, Makati.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my mini adventure yesterday. It was a fun filled date sadly it had to end. Till my next post 🙂

If you want to share anything, don’t hesitate to comment below~


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