Ted’s Batchoy

Last Sunday while waiting for our movie to start, my friend and I were looking for a place to eat at for lunch. Well, in a place like SM Bicutan, there aren’t a lot of choices to choose from. We had hoped that Bonchon was already open, but unfortunately it’s still being built.

When we passed by Ted’s Batchoy, we saw that they have set meals and we were both eyeing on the sisig set. I know it may contradict the eating healthy goal I promised myself, but like they say it’s okay to ‘cheat’ once every week. Just make sure to mind your portions. Being more health conscious, we no longer order extra rice like we would usually do. And of course drinking CarbTrim before or after meals actually helps too. It’s actually my secret ‘weapon’ for my 2013 weight loss goal. More on that soon!

Anyhow, we wanted to dine at somewhere we haven’t tried which was why we chose to try out Ted’s Batchoy.



We both ordered the Prito Sisig which costs P129.00 as seen on the poster. I was observing the customers who were eating and it seems that the most ordered is the sisig meal. For my  foreign readers just to give you an idea what sisig is, sisig is a well known appetizer that is made from parts of the pig’s head and liver.



Ambiance was nothing extra ordinary, however quite comfy and the serves were attentive.

Here’s what we had for lunch. As you can see, the meal comes with ulam and Ted’s batchoy.



The sisig was quite good which I enjoyed to the last bite. If you like eating sisig once in a while, I recommend you try Ted’s sisig.


For the batchoy, well there are two restaurants ‘competing’ with the same dish. One is Deco’s and Ted’s, having tasted both I prefer Deco’s batchoy instead. You can read my food review about Deco’s batchoy in this link. As for Ted’s it wasn’t entirely bad, but the broth was a little bit bland for my taste buds.

The soup may not have been a hit, but I still enjoyed my lunch and what’s important after all is that it was value for money and I left with a very happy tummy. It also comes with free drinks, but since I’m staying clear of fruit juices (not unless it’s fresh) and soda’s. I skipped drinking this.


Ted’s Batchoy may be found at SM Bicutan ground floor.

Any of you tried Ted’s or Deco’s which is your favorite? Feel free to comment below~



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