Mornings at SEX… Sinangag Express that is

I hope I didn’t scare you with the title. He-he! Well, Most people prefer saying sex instead of it’s long name – Sinangag Express anyway.

Here is another food review on where we had breakfast last Sunday. It’s not an entirely new restaurant really, but in my opinion SEX or Sinangag Express are one of the best places to have breakfast. We were looking for an affordable place to eat at and what came to mind (since we will be spending our day at Paranaque), was BF (Better Living, Paranaque) because there are quite a lot of restaurants along that area. I thought of Sinangag Express since it has been a while since I ate there.



Most prices are relatively affordable as meals does not exceed more than P100.00. I was lemming on their chorizo which was what I ‘initially’ ordered. Unfortunately, when the waitress was giving our orders she gave me longsilog instead.


I was already to hungry to argue that time so I just accepted it instead. Sinangag Express’s longganisa tasted very similar to Jollibee’s breakfast longganisa.

My friend ordered their Tapa, which is SEX’s best seller. It still tastes good up to date. Very soft tapa shreds with some kind of marinade sauce.  Served dry. Martin likes eating it as is, no vinegar or ketchup.


He also ordered tokwa’t baboy on the side. Nothing really great about it but still pleasant to eat.



While looking for a place to sit, I was pleased to see that they were selling Korean ice cream too.



Sinangag Express is an open area restaurant, plus it was super hot that day. It was the perfect way to cap off our meal. I was eyeing on the cherry something but it wasn’t available, so I opted for something else.


Encho ice cream P30.00


While I wouldn’t normally go for chocolate ice cream, the Encho bar was still a treat on a hot sunny morning.



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