My new favorite at Bread Talk

Quickie food post to end the week! A few days ago, I went out to de stress and re-stock on my basic makeup needs. After buying my stuff, I was thinking whether to eat at Kim n’ Chi Food Choices or have a Vanilla cake donut at Krispy Kreme. Well, the usual indecisive person that I am, led me to a different place to eat out instead.

Bread Talk!

Although it may not have been my original plan, I was happy to have checked out the shop and discover a new favorite! (aside from the hot chick floss and blueberry fluff)


L-R: Konichikuwa Php 50.00 and Smart Aleck Php 39.00

As soon as I read on the description that it has Chikuwa pieces, I knew I wanted to try it. Ever since I discovered Chikuwa at my friend’s house last year, I’ve been craving for it.


The bread tastes like pastry, very flaky and crunchy. Topped with Chikuwa pieces with cheese and drizzled with ‘white stuff’ (it could be Japanese mayonnaise but I’m not so sure). It leans more on the savory kind.

Smart Aleck

I also liked this one. The bread was a bit crunchy at the bottom and filled with custard with powdered sugar.

Between the two, I liked Konichikuwa the best!


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