Home made Pastillas by The Emporium

Change is inevitable for sure and with me trying to lose weight, if there is one thing I can’t give up it would have to be sweets. For today, I would like to share something very addicting and deadly. No, don’t worry it’s not drugs, ha-ha!

Pastillas by The Emporium

While I love authentic Pastillas made from fresh cow’s milk, The Emporium’s version is simple yet very addicting. Their mixture is very soft and what I like about it, is that they don’t roll it in granulated sugar anymore. Shamelessly, I finished 1 medium container overnight. It’s that good.


These sell for Php2.00 per piece (I ordered 30 pieces which cost me Php60.00)

You can bet, I’m ordering again soon! 🙂

If you want to know more about The Emporium, you may check out their Facebook account here.


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