A Gastronomic Food Adventure in Masbate


When my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Masbate, I immediately agreed as I’ve been wanting to travel again for the longest time. And so my 3 days and 2 nights adventure in Masbate begins. I will be making a separate blog post for sceneries, in the mean time I will be featuring some of Masbate’s cuisine.

Day 1

We arrived at Masbate past 8am and after checking in at our hotel, we had breakfast at our gracious host Ms. Maloli Espinosa’s residence. We were then offered fried eggs, tuyo (anchovies) and their specialty shredded beef.


When I asked Butch (our tour guide on the second day), what is Masbate’s specialty he said ‘Seafood’. Well, it should be as Masbate is surrounded by water and is composed of 3 islands. I suggested that they also include Ms. Maloli’s shredded beef recipe as it was really good and unique.

Day 2

Our itinerary for the day was visiting Masbate’s well known Ranch houses. On our way to our first stop, we saw different kinds of seafood and muscles being sold along the road.


Seafood of course is sold much cheaper in the province. The crabs for 1 kilo were being sold for P200 and the muscles if I remember for P20.00.

Three days was not enough to discover Masbate’s delectables, they have a lot more to offer to whet ones appetite.

Our lunch was held at Judge Manuel Sese’s humble yet modern abode. Please see photos below

IMG_4787                                                               Kinilaw na Shrimp


Laing (which I wasn’t able to try, but was told it was really good)


Our third day was supposedly to be our ‘last day’ but while we were on board via ZestAir, the left propeller was not moving and burned. We were then asked to leave the plane only to find out that our flight was cancelled. We went back to Maloli’s home to have breakfast and join Mr. Cito Beltran visit different destinations. He mentioned that the best place to eat is at a ‘Sabungan’ and what coincidence that that was where we had lunch that day.


Adobong Baboy at Tokwa

I liked this one but I find the sauce too salty for my taste. The meat used was just like of sizzling sisig (pigs ears, head and liver).


Ampalaya con carne with egg

An all time favorite of mine. The food served at the sabungan was prepared by the restaurant Punta Terraza.

After lunch, my group and I were invited to visit Mr. Choy Gozum’s garden and also have merienda. I was still full from our lunch (and also because we’ve been eating non stop during our stay, eep!) I wasn’t able to try their organic palitaw but they said it was good and unique. It was also my first time to see a blue kind of palitaw.


Our last destination for our ‘last’ day was at the Masbate’s Mayor’s home. We were offered pansit, cassava, boiled bananas and bagoong. They told us to try some and then dip it in bagoong, weird, but so good! The bagoong they prepared was A-D-D-I-C-T-I-N-G.


Well, that wraps up my food adventure in Masbate. We may not have tried what Masbate has best to offer but I enjoyed my food gustation. And who knows, if my schedule permits, I may just be back 😉


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