Café Breton

Competition will always be evident in the food business, while there’s no harm in trying new things. Eventually the ‘originals’ reigns supreme. Take for example, Café Breton. I’ve been reading reviews from other bloggers how good their crepes are and finally last month, I was able to try some of their crepes with my date.

While strolling around Trinoma, I saw a Café Breton branch and instantly , I dragged my date to have dessert there for lunch. First thing you would notice is how homey the ambiance was.

IMG_20130202_122803 (1)



There were so many choices to choose from but I prefer my crepe quite simple. I chose Tarzan – thin layered crepe with bananas and condensed milk, topped with powdered sugar.



Tarzan was truly heavenly! I loved how the bananas were not too ripe and the condensed milk was and is the only perfect pair for this crepe. Priced at 95.00 it wasn’t too bad as the portion is quite huge. Good for sharing.

I absolutely loved Tarzan and will definitely order this again. I’m also curious about the butter and sugar crepe (Php85.00), hopefully next time.


Turn on: Tarzan did not disappoint – must try!

Turn off: No Wi-Fi in this branch (not such a big deal)


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