Dolor’s Sapin Sapin

Another Sapin Sapin post.

This blog post is actually a delayed post. Work has been keeping me busy and tired due to my lack of food posts lately.  But as we always say, it’s never too late and also because I think this food post is worth writing about too.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through my plurk pal (Gits) blog site and read about her Dolor’s review. She swears (along with the commenters) by Dolor’s Sapin Sapin as being the best Pinoy kakanin dessert.

While my favorite is Pat and Sam’s, I was able to try Dolor’s a month ago when I saw Shopwise selling Dolor’s products. I bought the small bilao which cost me around Php71.00



True enough, Dolor’s Sapin Sapin was good and most importantly soft. It’s how your ‘typical’ Sapin Sapin would look like, only Dolor’s version has contrast of flavor that your palate would enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Dolor’s Sapin Sapin

  1. salmoncat says:

    hi kitten! i ought to keep track of your recos from cash and carry and shopwise so when i’m in the area i could pick ’em in one go. hehe.

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