NEW: Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter Donut

Happy April 1st everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted a food review, my apologies. However, I’m pretty surprised that regardless of my lack of activity in my blog. I noticed a lot of hits on my archives list most especially my Sir Boy’s experience two years ago. People sure can’t get over their bad experience with the restaurant, that they had to bash in my post like as if I’m responsible with whatever inadequacies the restaurant has. Ugh.

Special shout out to the owner of the restaurant.

Do MIND the date of my post, where I was able to try Sir Boy’s a few months after it just had opened.  Stop bashing or assuming I’m paid to write that kind of review because I’m not. I was just lucky to have experience a decent meal at that time.


For today, I would like to start off with a sweet post. As some of you know well by now is my love for sweet treats, take for example donuts. While browsing through Twitter a few days ago, I read in Go Nuts Donuts’ Twitter feed about their new donut flavor called, COOKIE BUTTER DONUT!


I’ve been reading reviews about cookie butter donut’s in different food blogs which hyped my curiosity about this cookie butter ‘fad’. Thankfully, Go Nuts Donuts Philippines jumped in the cookie butter craze and made the first cookie butter donut for us to enjoy.

While strolling in the mall yesterday in SM Mall of Asia, I was happy to pass by a Go Nuts Donut shop. I immediately rushed and bought myself a piece of this sweet treat.


My Cookie Butter experience…


It’s a ritual (well for me at least if I could) to take a pictures of food before diving in. However lately, I’m just too tired to lug around my camera and simply want to enjoy my meal. Often times with my ‘laziness’ I regret it too because when I get to try something new, I just use my Samsung tab’s sucky 3.5MP camera which does not give justice (don’t get me wrong, I love my tab just not the camera spec).

At first glance, It somehow resembles like peanut butter, but once you’ve tasted it you can tell the difference. For the base, they used a plain glazed donut then topped off with a cookie butter spread. Taste wise, It reminds me of a ginger bread cookie (that we used to make way back in my SSC years in grade school) only a bit sweeter, which I just happen to love because I’m not into the strong ginger taste to begin with. The cookie butter tastes a little bit nutty and a slight tinge of cookie and butter. Utterly sinful.

This has been my craving for the past few days and after trying it, it was so worth it. Aside from their dulce de leche or pastillas de leche, this is now my new found favorite from Go Nuts Donuts. Will definitely be back to have my second cookie butter donut fix.

Anyone has tried their cookie butter donut? Loved it? or not? Share away as I’d love to hear all about it~


Feel free to comment or post your insights

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