Quick bites: Mongolian quick stop

Had a random lunch date earlier today. My date and I met up at Walter Mart, and because I arrived super late he was the one who chose where we will eat. He’s quite predictable and I knew he would choose Mongolian Quick Stop. I sure was right.

The first time  I tried to d-i-y mine, it turned out a bit wet (because of the squid) and so spicy. So since he’s the one who frequents the place more often, I ordered the same of what he had.


We were in a hurry and so I didn’t bother taking photos of the branch at Walter Mart. The place is quite quaint and you can get your food in less than 5 minutes (considering that there are a few people dining).


He put lot’s of garlic and just half a teaspoon or less of chilies. For the sauce, he went for the sweet and spicy but more of the sweet side and it was the perfect blend.

For the price of P150, it sure was worth it. I wasn’t able to finish mine, just had the rest packed for me to take home.

Admittedly, even if I didn’t finish this huge bowl in one serving, I feel like a pig right now. I’ve been dedicated in eating less now which is good. I notice a few blouses that seems quite loose already (or I’m just imagining? lol). I’m training myself to stop bingeing and only give in to a craving very seldom these days.

Time to hit the bike again and not miss my CarbTrim drink every meal.



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