Let’s beat the summer heat with: Magnolia COOKIE MONSTER ICE CREAM

It’s just insanely hot these days, and I can’t help but get myself some ice cream (or Nai Cha from Chowking) to cool down. Earlier today, I bought myself my new favorite discovery from Magnolia which I discovered a few days ago from a dinner date.

While we were at Super 8 (a supermarket located in Alpha Land Makati), I was surprised to see that they are selling Korean ice cream. It was my first option, but then I wanted to try Magnolia’s cookie monster. Maybe because I’m still not yet over my cookie butter phase addiction? LOL.

Magnolia – Cookie Monster Choco Caramel for P20.00 at Shopwise Makati.



I loved the chocolate bits and wished there were more of it. The caramel ice cream does taste like caramel which is good. But my most favorite part? See photo below.


This delicious caramel sandwiched inside. I don’t know what it’s called, but it tastes like caramel and some sort of cookie dough. Soooo good!



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