Coming Back To: Adobo Connection

Here’s a mini food post from yesterday’s ‘I don’t where to eat, so I settled with this instead’ scenario.

When I was not into my losing weight goal, I usually have very sinful cheat days.  Take for example? Sisig. I love sisig but these days, I can’t seem to find an excuse to order a meal of it. I still have cheat days though, but more of  treating myself to something sweet.

Yesterday while at Cash and Carry food court, I ended up trying out Adobo Connection again.  My first experience was not so good, as I didn’t like how the Adobo Pasta came out. Totally different from what photo on the menu head board looked like. After looking through their menu again, I was quite curious about their Tofu and Fish adobo which costs P99 (no drinks included).


There were lot’s of tofu pieces which were cooked just right. The tofu was still tender inside which I really enjoyed. As for the fish, there were a few small pieces only, but it seems to have been cooked fresh from their kitchen. It was good and the fish was still crunchy and soft inside. I think what makes this dish ‘appealing’ was the sauce. I couldn’t put my finger on how it tastes like (or because I forgot) but it was good. I’d definitely order this again for sure.

Another must try is their adobo rice. A friend wanted to try it out he seemed quite pleased. As for me, it was more of O-Kay. I just wished the adobo flavor was more ‘evident’.


 Adobo rice P49.00


Cash and Carry Food court, 2nd floor

Filmore Street, Makati.

But, if you find Cash and Carry too far. Alpha Land Makati will soon open another Adobo Connection branch.


Any favorites from Adobo Connection? Share them away~



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