Captain’s mix and Magic: This Time – Rainbow Cupcakes

My day started in sweet note today (well, Literally speaking that is),  as I received my rainbow cupcakes from Captain’s Mix and Magic.

Captain’s Mix and Magic is no stranger in this blog, as I have tried some of their products like; their famous chocolate rhum balls, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, God of War cake, and this time their rainbow cupcakes.

There are actually many ways to enjoy your rainbow cupcake, and I was indecisive whether to get 1 dozen of strawberry flavored cupcake or the vanilla. The owner, Joy Lyn suggested that they can make it into half of the strawberry and half of the vanilla. Great idea!


1 dozen would cost P265, additional toppings will include extra charges.

Despite the insane heat on my way home, good thing the icing didn’t melt. Here’s how my rainbow cupcake topped with two toned marshmallow icing looks like.


The marshmallow icing is a given already, as I adore their marshmallow icing and fondant. As a ‘cupcake connoisseur’ my judgment will be based on the cupcake batter.



Upon slicing it in half, the cupcake was quite most and not crumbly (very important factor for a cupcake). I’ve only tried the strawberry flavor, while the rest of the family had the vanilla.


Look at the pretty rainbow colors! Not only is it pretty but most importantly it was good! The strawberry flavor wasn’t strong, not subtle, but you can distinctly say that it is strawberry flavored cupcake. Almost all of their products (except their chocolate chip cookies, I wasn’t too crazy about it) are indeed good.  The marshmallow icing is a perfect compliment for the cupcake. But that’s me, as you can choose different kinds of toping that you desire.


If you’re curious to try Captain’s Mix and Magic and it’s your first time, I recommend that you try their chocolate rhum balls, customized cakes and rainbow cupcakes.

Thank you Joy and Ed 🙂

For more info, you may check them out in their Facebook page or Website.


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