This Week’s Food Adventure 1.0

Here are a few photos from this week (and last week’s) food adventures.

Last weekday, I decided to go out for lunch. I’ve been on a Subway phase for the whole week, that me and my date ate there frequently (Subway, Alphaland Mall). I seriously love Subway! Most especially their 99 everyday value. Normally, I just order their 99 value sandwiches but last week I gave in to the chocolate chip cookies and a large coke Just add Php65 to make it a meal. Yum!


My favorite sandwich is their ham or chicken and ham, all veggies except onion with chipotle sauce~

Just this Sunday, my family and I went to SM Megamall to watch the Indie film about the RH Bill. Mom bought these huge sized nachos for our movie munchies.


These are Nacho King nacho’s topped with cheese and mediocre amount of tomatoes and jalapenos. I’m not sure of the price though but my siblings and I surely enjoyed the nacho treat.

During my shopping trip earlier. I was supposed to get myself a Wintermelon milk tea from Gongcha, but I was distracted yet again with BONO artisanal Gelato. For my first BONO experience, I went with their Speculous gelato (small cup).

It was the perfect way to beat the summer heat. I think it’s just right that they only used bits of Speculous or else it would be extremely sweet with a umay after taste. Their gelato indeed tasted different. To describe it in one word? Smooth.

IMG_20130424_173609 (1)

And that’s about it for this week’s food trip adventures.

Any favorites among the three? Comment away 🙂


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