Food Court Finds: ERSAO

After a quick stop at the office yesterday, I took off to SM Makati to buy another foundation powder. As much as I wanted to have stayed longer, it was a Friday and it’s always hard to hail a cab on a Friday in Makati.

My tummy was already starving when I left, so I went straight to SM food court and looked for a place to eat. I was already bored with the usual choices until I saw ERSAO. Something I haven’t tried and curious to try their version of winter melon milk tea. I’m in a winter melon milk tea phase for the past week already. I think I had 3 large winter melon milk tea for 3 days straight already *cringe*.

Oh well, it’s hot and I want something cold.


I ordered a large winter melon milk tea which costs P55.00 and 5 pcs. of seafood dumplings.


I’ve tried Gongcha, Zen Tea and Ersao. Between the three Gongcha remains the best for me. As for ERSAO it was okay, it’s a bit better than Zen Tea though and much cheaper.

For my seafood dumplings? I don’t think it was really seafood at all, or if it was, perhaps it some sort of  a mish mash of god knows what they put in it. What disappointed me more was it had bits of corn, I think they used corn as an extender and it did not compliment the dish. *Ugh*

Maybe I should try a different dish next time.


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