Trying it out for the first time: ARMY NAVY

I find it quite funny when some people have high expectations with new restaurants popping out in the metro, and then getting disappointed that it’s not good. Take for example? IHOP, the same scenario also occurred when Army Navy opened it’s first branch. Which is why I never bothered trying Army Navy for quite a long time. In spite of this, the real reason for me for not trying it out is because, I was never a burger fan to begin with and I was happy with my burger mcdo already. Unfortunately, last week I had a weird sudden urge to satiate a burger craving and so Martin and I trooped ourselves to Army Navy in the new Glorietta wing last Sunday.

For lunch we ordered the following:

Being it my first time, I tried their Liber-Tea and Freedom fries to go with my starving sailor (rib eye steak). Martin on the other hand, ordered a double patty. I wasn’t able to take a picture of my starving sailor though, but it was hmmm, let’s say it just lacked something. Although the rib eye was decent and not tough at least, something was a miss this starving sailor. My date also second the motion, so he told me to try his burger “just one bite, then tell me what you think”. I did and boy, I wished I ordered the burger instead. It was way better, as the patty was quite juicy, meaty and I can tell no extenders, just packed with meaty goodness.


The freedom fries was a hit! It not your ordinary fries as it had a thin coat of their secret batter, which reminds me of a mojo but somewhat different. As for the Liber-Tea, It was so so for me.


For our dinner, this time I ordered a single patty burger with extra add on of cheese and jalapeno.


It may not be an ideal dinner for me, but It sure was damn good!  Perhaps, it may have been also a reason of converting me into a burger loving foodie.

The food may have been good, and I’m also curious on trying out their quesadilla’s next time. But, oh boy! service was unsatisfactory for that branch (or perhaps the staff was having a bad day?) When I asked the waiter to clean the table he acted so arrogant, sorry dude, that’s your job not mine.

I may have been irritated with that guy, but I’d also have to give credit to the place as it was clean and the unisex bathroom did not stink. Anyway, I’m definitely going back to Army Navy again for sure.

Any favorites from Army Navy or other recommendations? Share away~


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