Bonchon Chicken–This time, Fish box

I’ve always been curious about Bonchon’s Fish Box ever since it came out, but I never had the chance to order one as I always end up ordering their mix and match meal. To say that I love their soy garlic chicken would be an understatement. So, this time, I made sure to get myself something new when I get to eat out at Bonchon again.

Last week, it was finally fulfilled!


Fish box P150.00

The fries isn’t that many, you have to add extra for an upgrade. If I remember it well, I think it had 3 or 4 pcs of fish which is surprisingly enough to fill your tummy. Or you can opt to have rice instead, I chose the latter just because I love dipping the fries with their spicy mayo dip. I seriously LOOOOVE Bonchon’s spicy mayo dip!

I love spicy food, but when I’m eating out at Bonchon I often times order the soy garlic version and as always, just like their chicken, it was cooked to perfection.


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