Coffee Talk: NESCAFE Cappuccino

Instant coffee are one of those staples that you can find in every (if not most) Filipino household homes . My family are part of those instant coffee drinkers.

Ever since NESCAFE came out with their Creamy Latte’ instant coffee, it has remained our favorite. A few weeks ago, I saw a new instant coffee flavor from NESCAFE – Cappuccino. It was evident that I was about to try it soon. I bought one sachet for starters, to see if it pars well with Kopiko’s Koppiccino.

Did it fair well?




Sadly, I did not like NESCAFE’s version. There wasn’t much to say about it, it was simply bland and forgettable. The choco sprinkles are more on the softer, powdery version, while Kopiko has that ‘crunch’ factor which makes it more interesting.

Kopiko’s Kopiccino still remains a favorite when it comes to instant Cappuccino.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: NESCAFE Cappuccino

  1. Abella says:

    You gotta try it as ice coffee! Its delicious! I usually put 2 packets to make up my full cup, then I add of course the ice and ice cream to create an home made coffee float. I like it better than the jolibee coffe float.

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