Mang Juan’s best: Chicken skin flavored chips

I used to munch down big bags of my favorite chips (piattos and baconette), but in my quest of losing weight, I’ve managed to steer away from one of my biggest weakness. I guess it’s one of those indulgence that I am willing to give up. But let’s face it, ideally it’s not that easy to resist temptation. Especially if you’ve been eating chips on a regular basis your whole life. I’ve been successful so far, well until I saw what I’ve been looking for for the longest time.

I found out about this yummy treat through Mr. Budjette’s (creator of TRESE) Instagram or was it Twitter? (I can’t remember).

Mang Juan – Chik n’ Skin! Genius I tell you!


Mang Juan is well loved by people who loves chicharon or chicken skin, without the guilt. I’m not a fan of the chicharon version, but the chicken skin flavored chips is really good. This is perfectly eaten with a side of cold subzero beer. Go ahead try it, you’d be surprised as if you’re eating the real thing.

Like always, moderation is key 😉

(P.S – this is a test post, using my samsung tab to blog)


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