News Release: Halaya Happiness at Goldilocks

*Press Release  – while I write my own food adventures, expect press release materials from time to time.

Goldilocks is well loved by most Filipino’s, and I’m sure that we all have our own favorite from the country’s number one bakeshop. If you ask what’s my favorite from Goldilocks (aside from their chocolate mousse cake), it would have to be their dinuguan and puto.  But, this post is not about puto and dinuguan but Goldilocks newest creation – Ube Halaya!

Ube Halaya

Ube Halaya

From Goldilocks:

Our senses are tied very strongly to our memories, with the sense of smell and taste being the strongest. There are numerous tastes that every Filipino can connect to their youth, though nothing does the trick quite like sweets:  polvoron crumbling in your mouth, the soft and buttery texture of a freshly baked mamon, the cheesy goodness of an ensaymada, and of course, the richness of ube halaya – the perfect combination of soft, sweet and chewy.

 Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, brings a whole new level of delight through its ube halaya dessert. The Goldilocks Ube Halaya comes at a sizeable 300 grams, which means more servings for everyone to enjoy. Given the varied array of sweets and confectionary available today, it’s good to go back to basics sometimes, and enjoy a uniquely Filipino treat.

Stop into your local Goldilocks today, take home some Ube Halaya, remember some fond memories, and perhaps create a few new ones!



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