Café de Bonifacio

Typing.. back space.. typing.. delete..

Well, this is what usually happens when I try to explain my lack of absence in ‘food blogging’. So let’s just start with my food adventure with my family last Sunday.

Café de Bonifacio at The Podium – Filipino cuisine with a twist.

As soon as mom was finished ordering, the friendly waiters served us a bowl of their complimentary appetizer.

Typical Kropeck chips which tasted quite bland compared to what I’m usually accustomed to. The pesto sauce gave it slight twist and flavor which made it enjoyable to the palate.


Kropeck drizzled with pesto sauce

For our main dish, mom ordered Sinigang na beef tadyang. Café de Bonifacio’s Sinigang tasted like home. Comfort food and quite fitting to the weather as it was raining in Ortigas that day.


Sinigang na tadyang na baka Php385.00


Vigan Longganisa Linguini Pasta Php250.00

The Vigan pasta was some sort of a hit and miss for me and my sister. Personally, I feel like the asparagus didn’t blend well with this dish. Good thing they served this with lemon as it made the dish more ‘exciting’ so to speak.

What we all enjoyed most was their Butterflied Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce.


Butterflied Tilapia in Tamarind Sauce Php 299.00

We ate the fish with their super fried rice which was coated with Taba ng Talangka (crab fat). I wasn’t able to take a picture of it though, but it was really good. It may not go well with the sinigang (obviously), but it was perfect with the butterflied tilapia. We also had dessert, which also I wasn’t able to take a picture of too.

The kids had their usual Ice tea and Café de Bonifacio’s version is Red Ice Tea, which my sister liked but my brother didn’t. I took a sip and it’s not that bad really.

If you are curious to find out more about Café de Bonifacio, you may check their Facebook page.


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