Cupcake Wars: A taste of Sonja’s Red Velvet Vixen

Save Room For Dessert

Hello fellow foodies! Welcome to my new section called “Save Room For Dessert”, where I will be writing down my experience with old favorites and new discoveries of  my favorite part of the meal – Dessert! 

Like most people, I am searching for that perfect red velvet cupcake and yesterday I was finally able to try Sonja’s at the newly opened Glorietta 2.

Red Velvet Vixen P78

Red Velvet Vixen P78

Since my post is titled “cupcake wars”, let me make a comparison between Sonja’s and Sohpie’s Mom’s Red Velvet cupcakes.

Red Velvet Vixen - Lusciously Red in color

Red Velvet Vixen – Lusciously Red in color

As quoted by Sonja - Traditional Southern cupcake, made with belgian cocoa and cream cheese icing

As quoted by Sonja – “Traditional Southern cupcake, made with Belgian cocoa and cream cheese icing”

Sophie’s Mom had a very crumbly texture which I did not like. Sonja’s on the other hand was slightly more ‘denser’. My first cupcake from Sonja’s was a pineapple upside down cupcake, and what I liked about it was that the batter was really moist. I assumed it would have the same texture with all of their cupcakes, but it seems that they don’t. In red velvet vixen’s own way it was slightly moist.  As for the cream cheese icing, it was divine.  I love it so much that I wish the cupcake would also be filled with their cream cheese icing. Ha ha!

And so, the verdict of which has the better red velvet begins. Between Sophie’s Mom and Sonja’s, Sonja has a better red velvet cupcake. Why you ask? It may have been slightly crumbly (it wasn’t a big issue really), but I love how it remained moist (not the oily moist kind). But that’s me, as we all have different taste buds and preferences.

Till my next post~



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