Save Room For Dessert: My thoughts on J.CO Doughnuts

J.Co has the most exaggerated lines for a doughnut shop. While it opened a branch here in the Philippines for quite a while already, It was only today that I was lucky to have lined up in the newly opened branch in Glorietta 2. Aside from having a sweet tooth, I wanted to find out if J.Co was worth lining up for and so I bought 2 pieces for me to try.


I got the Green tease and Tiramisu which both costs P45 each.


I first tried the green tease with high hopes and as soon as my fork dived in for a slice, it was so disappointing as it was a bit “tough”.  The green tea frosting was just o-kay. If that wasn’t enough, the dough tasted bitter and old. Like really? This is the overrated J.Co doughnut people line up for? Heck, Dunkin Donuts is even way better. It was really disappointing and it only confirmed the first time I tried it, when mom brought home their glazzy doughnuts. Krispy kreme has a better tasting glazed doughnuts imo.


I did not bother trying the tiramisu anymore and just gave it to my sister instead. She said the same too, if there’s any consolation? She enjoyed the filling, but everything else was just sweet. Sorry J.Co, but your doughnuts aren’t for me.

Till my next sweet post 🙂


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