Weekday Lunch: Dining at Yoshinoya Glorietta 2

Quickie food post for the day.

This food post was actually from last week’s lunch after doing pull outs from different stores in Makati. I won’t be going into details anymore as there isn’t really spectacular about my Chicken Katsudon from Yoshinoya. After all, it is just another fast food Japanese restaurant.

Chicken Katsudon

Chicken Katsudon Php139.00

One order is actually quite big. The chicken was tough to chew on, either it has been sitting for a while or it was over cooked. I only had a few spoonfuls and decided to take the rest for take out. The 4 pcs of California Maki served as my appetizer/meal while waiting for the Katsudon. It really didn’t take long for the chicken to arrive but I felt full already. I didn’t want to push myself from finishing something just for the sake of finishing it.

California Maki

California Maki Php59.00

My total bill cost me around P230+.  Their price range is relatively the  same as Tokyo Tokyo. I sort of  blamed myself for not being  conscious while ordering, as I find  my total bill quite expensive  considering now a days, I allot only  P150 max [P100 minimum] when I  eat out. I was willing to spend P200  just for that day.  Had I not ordered  bottled water, my total bill would  only be P198 only. I guess I was  completely tired from walking  [wearing a wedge, where I should  have worn sandals instead]. It’s not  a big deal really, it’s just me trying  to be “frugal” since you can have  free house water. Fewer calories  and less expense.

If anything, my dining experience was pleasant as there wasn’t a lot of people dining at that time. The ambiance is spacious and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. It’s my second time to dine at Yoshinoya Glorietta 2 and so far even on a busy hour or after lunch, their service is quite fast.

Thank for reading!

Till my next food adventure



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