Choco Butternut goes “Premium”

“New” premium donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

A few days back at a Dunkin Donut shop near my place, the guy told me that they had phased their regular Choco Butternut donut which sells for P20. I thought it was some joke and thought they could have just told me they were sold out. I mean how can you phase out one of their best sellers? I got more skeptical when a dear friend of mine was able to get his choco butternut fix last weekend at a different Dunkin Donut branch.

Today I found the answers to my questions.  Dunkin Donuts – Vito Cruz corner Pasong Tamo branch currently changed the regular donut to a premium one which now costs P35.


What’s the difference?

They use a premiumm flour for it. They also made their Choco honey dip into a premium donut as well.



Taste wise, it technically is the same but just a little bit lighter and still crumbly.

I suppose availability would vary from different branches. 

Till my next food post 🙂


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